Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Small Updates

So we've all survived our first illness of the fall/winter season. Lucas came down with croup two weeks ago. He's had the croup-y cough before, last winter, but this was the first time we got the full-blown illness. After a day with some coughing on Thursday, he woke me with with a scary croup attack at 4am on Friday morning. After hanging out with the hot shower running didn't seem to help, the nurse suggested we bring him to the emergency room for some possible steroids and breathing treatments to open his airway up a little.

Our first emergency room trip! Luckily Brandon was able to go into work late and come with me. They dosed Lucas with steroids right away, and then observed him for about 90 minutes before the doctor examined him to determine if he needed to be admitted for breathing treatments. The Tank decided that the steroids would do the trick just fine, so we headed home after that for a couple days of recuperating.

He had one more croup attack the following morning, but on the suggestion of our ER nurse, we just took him outside in the cool morning air and walked him around and it really helped keep him calm and improve his breathing. Brandon and I both caught his illness and have been dealing with a cough for the past week or so; Brandon got it worse than me and stayed home from work a couple days last week. Now we all appear to be better, hopefully we won't have too many more illnesses this cold/flu season.

In other, magical news, Lucas's nighttime sleeping has improved dramatically in the last month. He's currently sleeping about 10-11 hours straight every night, and for the past two weeks he's also been falling asleep alone in his room without any help from us! Seriously, it seems like a legitimate miracle every time I walk out of the nursery while he's still laying there awake, and don't hear a peep from him until the next morning at 6am. So, non-CIO (cry it out) parents, there is hope!

Not too much exciting is happening otherwise. I've been volunteering at my old work, taking on a couple small legal cases to keep my attorney-brain awake. It's hard to find time to do legal work, but I manage to squeeze in 30 minutes or so a day, which is enough for the small issues involved in my cases. I also got a "job" running my church's nursery for one service a week. It's only going to be 8-10 hours a month, but it feels good to be responsible for things unrelated to Lucas, meal planning, or housework for a change.

Speaking of Lucas, I'm still trying to get him to take a nap today so I'd better go.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Day at the Zoo

Yesterday Lucas and I went on a trip to the zoo, just the two of us. It was nice to hit only a few areas of the zoo so that Lucas could run around and explore instead of being trapped in his stroller most of the time. We visited the Australian Outback, the Children's Discovery area, and the flamingo pond right inside the zoo, but those three things managed to take up over three hours of our day!

This is mostly an excuse to post a bunch of photos from our day! I love having the zoo membership, we'll definitely be back soon.

Zoo Date with my favorite

Checking out the koalas

An active koala, shocking!
Of course, Lucas would have been just as happy to sit next to a bus stop all day.

This cheetah was very active too, which was exciting for me!

We split an ice cream and did a little more bus watching

Mastering the stairs at the play area

Being a goofball

Love this ham

Handsome boy