Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Fun!

Lucas and I have been having such fun so far this summer. I'm really trying to soak up all the fun and relative freedom of caring for only one child during the day while I still can! We've been very busy, especially since joining the YMCA for the summer (Lucas's birthday present from "Amma" and "Baba").

Swim lessons and gymnastics class were both included in our YMCA membership, so we gave them a try last month. Swim lessons have been a big hit - Lucas loves the pool and asks to go most afternoons after his nap. By the end of our our recent six sessions, he was really getting the hang of kicking, paddling, and blowing bubbles. We're taking this month off from official lessons but will continue practicing on our own and maybe sign up for another round of classes in July. We've still been hitting the pool a couple times a week and also having a great time with the splash pad as well! It really tires him out, he always requests to chill out with a popsicle and a cartoon when we get home.

Gymnastics, on the other hand, was a giant disaster. The equipment was adorable and Lucas liked playing with it in theory, but in practice the class was simply too structured for him. We tried two classes and both times it ended in giant meltdowns because I had to direct his play too closely to fit the structure of the class. If I'd just been able to set him loose on the equipment, I suspect things might have gone very differently. The more mellow one and two year olds seemed to love it! We, however, quit after two weeks and haven't looked back.

We're also having a blast with my church's weekly playdate that relaunched recently. We went to the beach a couple weeks back and had a great time throwing shell pieces into the ocean and making sand castles. This week we all met at the Balboa Park fountain to play before checking out the Model Railroad Museum. The museum part of the museum was vaguely interesting for Lucas, but what he really liked was the kids' room with several train tables and crates and crates full of toy trains to play with.

We round out our weeks with more trips to the YMCA so I can work out in peace and Lucas can play with the awesome toys at gym childcare, weekly visits to the zoo, and hangouts with my moms' group at various parks throughout East County. I know I may have to start slowing down soon as I get bigger, hotter, and more exhausted, but for now it's go go go! Summer is the best.

Here is some photo evidence of the awesome times we've been having recently.

Building sandcastles at the beach!

Oops, Mom took me to the splash pad without my swim suit!
What Lucas went home in after he soaked his clothes. Mom win!

Lucas has a newfound love for selfies.

Sillies at the zoo.

Relaxing with a popsicle after another busy day.

We saw the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile! Lucas was excited.

San Diegan rite of passage: Wading in the Balboa Park fountain.