Thursday, December 11, 2014

Two Months!

Lincoln is already two months old, I can hardly believe it! He's getting to be quite the chunk, nearing 15 pounds currently, although he's still trailing behind his big brother The Tank at the sam age by about a pound. Since he started out nearly two pounds smaller, though, I think that's quite impressive.

Now that Lincoln is past the initial 6-8 weeks of normal newborn fussiness, he's starting to have a pretty mellow and sweet personality. He's generally pretty content to sit around and check things out, and loves snuggles and smiling. He's not a fan of tummy time or the playmat, and he absolutely hates his car seat unless we're on the freeway going very fast. Since he can't sit in our regular stroller yet, only in the infant car seat attachment, that means I'm wearing him about 90% of the time we're out and about. Thank goodness for my Beco Soleil, I absolutely love it! Luckily, he does too.

He's so far a much better sleeper than Lucas was. He's down for the night between 7pm and 8pm. I do one more dream feed around 10pm before I go to bed, and he wakes up usually twice nightly (2am and 5am) to eat, before being up around 7am. The main difference is that after he eats, he goes right back to sleep for another 3-4 hours, which is amazing. He's still sleeping in our room next to my bed, but I'm hoping to transition him into the crib around the new year. His napping habits during the day are not that great, he rarely lets me set him down for naps so he's usually napping in my Beco carrier while we're out or in my arms during Lucas's naps.

Lucas is very sweet to his brother but acts out to us a lot when he's feeling ignored. Hard to tell how much of that is adjusting to his sibling and how much is just because he's a two year old. Our spirited child is always a challenge, but he cracks us up on a daily basis with the funny things he says and does. He's got personality to spare, that one! His current obsessions are the Toy Story movies, Mack trucks, fire engines, and digging in the dirt. He also loves playing with friends, although his sense of appropriate affection is still underdeveloped -- we're working on asking permission before hugging friends and saving kisses for Mama, Dada, and brother. He recently graduated to the preschool room at church and is nowhere near being potty trained yet. All in good time!

Photo overload!

Two months!

How we feel when both kids are asleep at the same time

Me and Nugget at the zoo

Saw a real fire engine at the grocery store and met a firefighter!

Fun with bubbles at the Children's Museum

More museum fun

The artist at work.

Sigh, I love having a baby to snuggle again.

Starting to be more alert!

Lots of sweet smiles from this guy.

What I look like all the time now with Lincoln in the carrier!

Bathtime shark attack!

Love being home with my boys!