Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Recent Funnies from Lucas

My little boy is getting to be quite a funny little creature! Not that he wasn't always, but the addition of words is certainly a good one in his case. Where do toddlers learn these things?

One of his favorite words is "Help" (Hawp). Recently, he's started getting his foot fake stuck in things, like the crevice between couch cushions or a toy bucket. Then he'll look over at me and say "Hawp Hawp Hawp" until I go "rescue" him by freeing his foot.

This past weekend, he started playing a game I like to call Stunt Man. He'll flap his hands at his sides and say "Whoa-oh-oh!" like he's losing his balance, then fall on his butt and start cracking up. I have a fun video of this. Sometimes he'll pitch straight forward and face plant onto the carpet instead. Maybe it's time to turn that college fund into a clown college fund, huh?

Another game involves taking all the shoes out of my side of the closet and pushing them behind Brandon's dresser inside his closet. That one took a few minutes to figure out the first time when I couldn't find my running shoes!

We had a recent bubble themed park playdate with my mom's group, and Lucas got a huge kick out of it. His favorite is to chase after the bubbles and try to eat them. He even learned to say "Bubble" that day and now he asks for them all the time when we're in the backyard.

We've started trying to do time outs as he's getting closer to two, but they rarely work in terms of him knowing why it's happening. He gives me this big wide-eyed stare, then starts smiling and tries to hug me. It does work in terms of distracting him from hitting me or throwing toys, though, so I'm calling it a win!