Friday, March 20, 2015

Reasons Why My Almost Three Year Old Throws Tantrums

His banana broke in half before he could eat it.

I told him not to suffocate his baby brother.

I wouldn't let him suck on the kitchen sponge.

I asked him not to eat the mom's group craft supplies.

I opened his car door for him, even though he can't reach it himself.

I pulled him out of a flower bed at the zoo.

I put him in the bathtub instead of letting him climb in himself.

I asked him if he wanted a drink of water before his nap.

I left him in a room without me in it.

I put a blanket on him at nap time.

I tried to change his diaper after he pooped.

I went in to get him after nap time approximately two minutes after he called for me.

I took away a screwdriver that he was using to "brush baby's teeth."

I pulled his hands out of the cat's litter box.

I asked him if he was ready to go play with his friends at gym daycare.

I pulled him away from rolling on top of his baby brother.

I handed him his toothbrush instead of letting him pick it up.

I wouldn't carry him to the car when I had Lincoln strapped in the chest carrier.

Who needs a reason? Because he's almost three.

The above is basically my life right now. I haven't updated in a while because there are not a lot of fun blog posts in recounting the number of outings he's ruined the ends of, the number of times he's hit us smack across the face when our reflexes weren't fast enough, or the amount of tiny bruises covering my shins from his kicks. The Tank is certainly giving us a run for our money in 2015. Good thing he's cute!