Monday, April 6, 2015

Baby Lincoln Halftime Report

My Littlest, Tiny Face, Goober Pea, Little One, last baby ever Lincoln is six months old! I can hardly believe how quickly it's gone by so far. I'm excited to leave the first six months behind and enjoy another half a year of my deliciously chubby, constantly jovial, easy going little man.

Physical: Our Peanut is "only" around 19.5-20 pounds right now, which is pretty big for a six-month old but about a pound smaller than his big brother was at the same age. I'm not sure how tall he is, as his doctor's appointment isn't for another week, but we're going to be buying him a new car seat within the next couple weeks because I think he's close to the height limit. Bye bye infant car seat! He recently moved into 12mo size clothes.

Developmental: Lincoln can roll both ways, and is working on sitting up on his own although I think it will be a few weeks until he's mastered it. He can push up on his arms but shows no interest in moving himself anywhere (rolling across the floor or army crawling). Fine by me -- take your time, little one! Mommy is not in a hurry to have two mobile children any time soon. He started rice cereal in the middle of last month, and has since tried sweet potatoes and peas. The peas were not a hit, and he also threw them up all over his crib later that evening. Can't say I blame him.

Sleep: Lincoln learned how to fall asleep in his crib last month! I was losing my mind getting up to rock him back to sleep 5-6 times every night, so we tried putting him down "drowsy and awake" to see what would happen. It was a miracle! Barely any crying and he quickly realized that he prefers falling asleep on his own as opposed to in someone's arms. It's almost a little insulting. Teaching him how to self-soothe a little has also brought the nighttime wake ups from 5-6 down to 2-3, which is not ideal but perfectly fine with me! He goes to bed at 6:30pm and wants to be asleep until around 6:30 the next morning. He also takes three naps daily. The first two are generally short, 30-60 minutes, because he often takes them in the car or the chest carrier while we're out and about. Then he takes a longer one at the same time as Lucas in the afternoon, usually 2-3 hours but with a wakeup in the middle.

Personality: What an impossibly sweet, smiley, adorable little guy he is! He rolls with the punches quite easily, as any good second baby must, and adores his big brother. He doesn't let you ignore him, and doesn't want to be left alone in a room while he's awake, but with regular activity changes he's incredibly easy to please. He's not particularly giggly, although our perspective is skewed by Lucas who basically hasn't stopped laughing in three years. He's very snuggly but needs regular wiggle breaks too. In all, Lincoln is a joy to have in our family.

Here are a million photos of my adorable boys.