Friday, November 8, 2013

Lucas's Vocabulary Update

Lucas has been on the slow side for language development, but he's really started to pick up new words in the last month or so, which is a lot of fun! Here is his current vocabulary.

Mama: He mostly says this when he's whining about something. But he did ask for me a couple times when we were in Kauai.

Dada: He doesn't use this one much, but sometimes! The other night, I was taking him to bed and said, "Night night Dada!" like usual. He piped up, "Bwa Wa Dada!" It was super cute.

Hi: His favorite word. Mostly directed towards trucks and buses.

Uh-Oh: Another favorite. He tries to tell us "uh oh" when he deliberately throws something. Not buying it, dude.

More: "Mo?" The Cutest. I have to stop myself from doing whatever he asks a million times because I love it so much. He also signs this one.

No: He mostly just shakes his head but we get the actual word now too.

Ball: "Ba!"

Banana: "Ba!" I swear, he's using them to mean different things!

Outside: "Ah-eye?"

Car: "Ka!" This is a new one. I swear I heard it yesterday, though, while pointing at my car.

Book: Sometimes he'll say "Buh?" but I'm not sure he knows it yet. He does sign book very deliberately though.

Light: This one is sign only.

Please: Sign only and sporadic.

Want: This is a sign he invented himself. He uses the sign for "milk" but means it as anything he wants you to do, whether that's getting him a drink or playing whatever game he wants.

Sing Itsy Bitsy Spider: Not exactly a sign, but he does twist his wrists around to get you to sing this song. It's too cute to leave out.

Here are a few recent photos!

Fun at the pumpkin patch!

Hanging with Grandpa

Ready to watch Clifford, his fave big red dog

Playtime at the Park

Halloween memories! Haha

Smaug just wants to play cars

Smaug and Bilbo

Trick or treating! 

Backyard silliness

In his fireplace fort playing trucks

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kauai Trip and Photos!

It's been a little while since I've posted! We had a great time on our recent trip to Kauai. It was hard to leave Lucas (he stayed at home with my mom, two aunts, and two cousins and did great!), but we were really glad to get away and relax for a few days.

Just arrived!

We woke up *really early on our first day and decided to make the long drive up Waimea Canyon on the opposite side of the island. It was beautiful and clear, we took lots of photos. We also had fun touring Kauai Coffee Co. on our way back. 

This is my new happy place, Poipu State Beach. We did some amazing snorkeling here and had a delicious lunch overlooking the beach. Our anniversary dinner was at a restaurant nearby, the Beach House, and was phenomenal. I ate so much delicious sushi and seafood on this trip!

I wasn't able to find Brandon as many waterfalls as I'd promised, but we did see these ones off the side of the road that were pretty good! Next time I'll remember to pack the guide book that explains how to find the rest of them.

Don't I look very relaxed and happy?

Spouting Horn

Kilauea Lighthouse on our last day. Rainy and muggy but still beautiful!
I don't have photos of all our delicious meals and afternoon naps, but they were probably my favorite part of the trip! We also had a great time "cave tubing," floating down old sugar plantation irrigation ditches one afternoon. Cold water, but very fun experience!

We also did a luau near our hotel, which was fun and had good food but didn't quite live up to Brandon's expectations! There was a guy who juggled fire knives though, so I think Brandon's expectations may have been a bit unrealistic.

An amazing trip! Happy four year anniversary to us.